Anne Woodman signature flower necklace

A moment to SHiNE

Recently, my jewelry was used to support a very special project.

One of my beautiful customers, Laurie, is a big fan of the signature flower necklace. She has been wearing her happy flower as a symbol of positivity through her fight against cancer. 

Anne Woodman happy flower necklace

She first reached out to me about a year ago, asking if I could help her gift these necklaces to women who have supported her through the turmoil that is cancer treatment. Hearing her story of love and gratitude made my heart swell.

To know that my work can bring joy to women going through the darkest of times is more rewarding than any of the accolades I've received as a designer.

Laurie and I stayed in touch, and as life would have it, one of my closest childhood friends was diagnosed with cervical cancer this past year. Laurie was so kind and loving, offering support to ME during it all. 

So when she reached out to ask if I would help her to raise money for SHiNE, a wonderful organization that was there for her, I jumped at the chance. 

She planned an amazing fundraising event and I am so proud that my flower necklaces were there!

Anne Woodman signature flower necklace

Here's what one of the attendees, Chris Bendinelli reported:

"So the story goes that this incredibly courageous woman named Laurie Hissey sat on many days in the cancer center of her local hospital receiving treatment or medicines aimed at retaliating against her diagnosis. During many of those visits she was often met with the encouraging words of her nurse navigator determined to lessen the burdens of Laurie’s disease by handling some of the “junk” (aka scheduling follow-up appointments, juggling insurance issues, fielding nagging questions and concerns, etc). Sometimes she even received “coupons” to get a therapeutic massage, a wig, counseling or nutritional services, if she desired. All these services offered curtesy of a local volunteer organization known as SHINE! In typical Laurie fashion, she received SHINE’S assistance graciously and gratefully. Laurie was so grateful she had to SHINE right back! Within months of regaining her strength, Laurie determined to add another “F” to her fight song of: FAITH, FAMILY, FRIENDS, “F”YSICIANS and now “F”ILANTHROPY! Laurie organized a paddle tennis tournament where all the proceeds benefitted SHINE services which are provided to patients of the Chester County Hospital. That wasn’t enough! She wanted to add the Laurie touch so she enlisted the help of her artistic friend Anne Woodman who created the beautiful gold flower necklace which often graced Laurie’s neck. For her friends and fans that necklace symbolized the heart of Laurie’s fight! Anne very generously offered to sell the necklaces at the tournament at cost with the proceeds going to support SHINE! I was at the tournament that dreary rainy Saturday and before the raindrops dried all 50 necklaces were sold and 12 more on order. Many participants proudly wore their necklaces and truly they did SHINE. It was hard to feel dreary that day with those petals glistening with gold links and Laurie’s pledge to SHINE through it all!"

Thank you Laurie, SHiNE, and all the beautiful women of Chester County and beyond who are supporting each other, and my mission to #spreadjoy


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