Do you have a gratitude practice?

It can look like a journal, writing down 5 things you're grateful for every evening. It could be a morning or an evening prayer. There are so many gratitude practices out there, it's just about finding what works for you. 

Here's the thing though, It really works!

An evening practice doesn't make ANY KIND of sense for me, early morning is my jam. My "happy time" you might say. 

Over the years I have created my morning practice that combines gratitude and setting intentions for the day. 

This has changed my life. No joke.

I feel more connected, LUCKY and grateful all day long. 

This practice can last from 5 minutes to an hour depending on how much time you have. 

Here's my practice:

First of all, this takes place as early as possible, ideally before anyone else gets up - very tricky when you have a kid that rises with the sun and/or whenever her spidey-sense feels you stir. There are also pets, warm cozy beds... I get it. But if you can set aside this time for yourself, I promise it's worth it. 

Get a cheap spiral notebook, usually $0.98 from Target or the grocery store. 

journal practice

Here are the steps:

First, list a few general things you’re grateful for. It can be anything… You’re breathing. You have a roof over your head. You have electricity… and warm socks…

"Thank you for this delicious coffee, thank you for the good night's sleep I got, thank you for my warm house, thank you for this cozy chair, thank you for my fingers working, thank you for this quiet morning..." you get the idea. Take a minute to list 1-5 things

Then you are going to focus on 6 areas of your life:

Health - your physical body and how you feel in it.

Money - that you have now (no matter how little) and money on it's way to you.

Work - your job, or just things you need to do.

Fun - Recreation. What is fun about your daily life? (this one can be tough, I know)

Relationships - people in your life.

Spirituality - Your connection with yourSELF or God or Nature or the Universe...

For each section, list one thing you are grateful for in that area of your life and then think of one thing in that area that you would like to happen that day. That’s your intention. You are going to state your intention as if it’s already happened and with gratitude, THIS IS KEY!


So health might look like this:

Thank you for my healthy body today. Thank you for my heart beating. Gratitude.

Let’s say you plan on going for a run or doing anything physical, add intention to the gratitude. Say thank you as if it's already done. You could say, "thank you for the great run today, thank you for how strong I feel in my body, thank you for how much fun it is to run..."

Or work:

Thank you for the opportunity to earn money today. Gratitude.

Maybe you are hoping to get something done at work. You might say, “Thank you for how easy it is to complete my (work project), thank you for efficient and capable I am, my work is so much fun!”

No job? No excuses:

Thank you for the opportunity to look for work today. Gratitude. Thank you for the amazing opportunities that come my way today, thank you for how great it feels to get those leads and make connections! Intention.

Do this for each section.

Last, but not least (this part is also KEY!), you must read back over what you’ve written. If you are all by yourself, read it out loud, this is very powerful. However, if you just read it silently to yourself it will have a huge impact, please don’t forget this part!

There you have it. Do this every morning for a week, and I DARE you to not see an impact.

I love you, I’m so excited for you. Please let me know how it goes!


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Trademark this term. Before you know it people will be googling “Anne Woodman Gratitention” and you’ll be talking about on a Ted Talk AND a morning show somewhere (since mornings are your jam)🤍

Alecia Wellen

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