The way you express yourself to the world can be huge source of joy.

For instance when I see performers on stage expressing themselves through their art, it almost always brings me tears. Heart swelling, body flooded with warmth, tears of joy and love. 

And one of the best things about my beloved hometown, New York (shout out  NYC!!!) is how freely people express themselves through style and fashion. 

bergdorfs window nyc

When I was in Kenya, I was blown away by the vibrancy of the colors in the fabrics everyone was wearing, such beauty and brightness against, in some places, a monotone backdrop. 

So much so, that I designed a line of wrap skirts to take home with me and sell in the shop!

Kenyan skirt

Color is one of the easiest and most fun ways to express yourself. Colors reflect and evoke emotions, moods and feelings.

I love integrating color into my designs to add brightness or depth. 

A golden happy flower is beautiful...

gold flower necklace

but a turquoise happy flower dangling from your earlobe has the power to brighten someones day!

turquoise flower earrings

To inspire you to spread some joy through color, all of the jewelry pieces that incorporate color have special prices this week 11/13 - 11/ 20.

It's not only the flowers that are colorful, there's the WHOLE bolo collection too...

   stacking bracelets bar necklace

   Anne Woodman bar necklace red bolo earrings

bolo rings necklace

Have some fun with color this week, and maybe even brighten up someone else's day with a pop of something bright and shiny!

Love you!




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